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Level Up AI ™

Established on April 4th, 2018, Level Up AI ™ is an etastic ® Inc. division for our AI products and services.

 Answers21 ™ Coming Soon!

Answers21 – Get your ChatBot trained with your questions and answers

AI TurnKey ™ Coming Soon!

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Alexa Skills and Google Actions Integration 

In addition to our SaaS services, allow us to integrate your AIs with Alexa Skills and Google Actions. Contact us for more info.



Invest in the Future of AI

Level Up AI ™ is poised to make a significant impact in the world of artificial intelligence. By investing in our company, you’re joining us on a mission to transform industries and create a smarter, more efficient world. Be a part of the AI revolution and help us level up the future together!

Contact us today to learn more about our innovative AI solutions and investment opportunities. Let’s change the world for the better.

Since 1997, our engineers have created AI tools to allow organizations and individuals to level-up. Don’t get left behind — Level Up AI

Level Up AI ™ provides advanced product research in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  We are an application service provider (ASP) featuring AI-driven software for content management, cybersecurity, facial and speech recognition.  We conduct research in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  We provide fine-tuning services and ML training services customized for customers.  We provide AI software customization.

At Level Up AI ™, we’re pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses transform their operations and unlock new opportunities. Our cutting-edge AI solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our Expertise

Advanced AI Research
Our team of dedicated researchers and data scientists are at the forefront of AI innovation. We are constantly exploring new techniques and algorithms to advance the field of artificial intelligence and develop groundbreaking solutions for real-world challenges.

Content Management & Cybersecurity
We provide customized AI-powered content management solutions to streamline your digital workflows and enhance cybersecurity measures. Protect your valuable data and ensure the highest level of security for your organization.

Facial and Speech Recognition
Leverage our state-of-the-art facial and speech recognition technology to enhance user experiences, improve security measures, and unlock new possibilities for human-machine interaction.

Fine-tuning & ML Training Services
Our AI experts offer fine-tuning and machine learning (ML) training services, customizing AI models to perfectly suit your business needs, optimizing performance, and ensuring seamless integration.

Introducing Our Collaboration with AIinc: Level Up Your AI Journey Together

AI Innovative Network Corporation (AIinc) – Pioneering the AI Industry

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with AI Innovative Network Corporation (AIinc), a cutting-edge startup company that shares our passion for pushing the boundaries of AI technology. This collaboration will enable us to deliver the most advanced and efficient AI solutions to our clients, helping businesses to transform and thrive in the digital era.

About AIinc:

AIinc is a forward-thinking startup company based in Texas, specializing in the development and integration of AI technologies. Recognized by the Texas Secretary of State office under the formal business name “AI Innovative Network Corporation”, AIinc is set to disrupt the AI industry with its groundbreaking solutions, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to drive innovation and create new opportunities for businesses worldwide.

Our Partnership:

Our collaboration with AIinc will enhance our existing range of AI solutions by leveraging their expertise in the field. By combining the knowledge, skills, and resources of both companies, we aim to develop and deliver high-quality AI services that cater to the unique needs of our clients. This partnership will enable us to:

  1. Offer tailored AI solutions: Together with AIinc, we will create customized AI solutions that are specific to your business goals and objectives, ensuring that our services are directly aligned with your organization’s needs.
  2. Drive innovation: Our joint efforts will enable us to explore new frontiers in AI technology, creating novel solutions that help businesses stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market.
  3. Enhance scalability: As partners, we will be able to leverage our combined resources and capabilities to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.
  4. Provide comprehensive support: Our collaboration will allow us to deliver end-to-end support, from AI implementation and integration to ongoing maintenance and optimization, ensuring the success of your AI initiatives.
  5. Foster a strong AI community: By working together, we aim to build a thriving network of AI professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts, promoting knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation within the AI industry.

Join Us on Our Journey:

At, we are committed to helping businesses unlock the full potential of AI technology. By partnering with AIinc, we are excited to bring you the most advanced, effective, and innovative AI solutions available. Stay tuned for updates on our joint projects and initiatives, and discover how our collaboration can help your business level up in the world of AI.

To learn more about AIinc and our partnership, please visit our dedicated AIinc.AI domain. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how our collaboration can benefit your organization, feel free to get in touch with our team. Together, let’s shape the future of artificial intelligence and create a world where technology and human ingenuity work hand-in-hand to drive progress and transform industries.

Explore our offerings:

To better serve our clients, we will be launching a range of innovative AI products and services as a result of our collaboration with AIinc. These offerings will include:

  1. AI consultancy services: Benefit from our combined expertise to identify areas where AI can add value to your business, develop a comprehensive AI strategy, and facilitate seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.
  2. Custom AI models: Leverage the power of AIinc’s advanced technologies to develop tailor-made AI models designed specifically to address your unique business challenges and optimize your operations.
  3. AI training and workshops: Equip your team with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully implement and manage AI technologies by participating in our hands-on workshops and training sessions led by industry experts.
  4. AI research and development: Stay at the forefront of AI innovation by engaging with our research and development initiatives, which focus on exploring new applications of AI technology and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
  5. AI community engagement: Join our growing network of AI enthusiasts, professionals, and organizations, and participate in events, webinars, and discussions that foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the advancement of AI technology.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey toward a brighter AI-powered future. Let’s level up together and redefine the boundaries of innovation with and AIinc.