MaxSecure ™

MaxSecure™ – Use AI to help secure your online resources using our microservices (B2B SaaS)

All subscriptions include API access to the

  • SQL Injection Detection microservice
  • Hate Speech Detection microservice
  • Profanity Detection microservice
  • Sexually Explicit Language Detection microservice

Use MaxSecure™ microservices from your servers using API calls.

API to validate your data

Use MaxSecure™ APIs to

  • help identify issues in user-supplied input
  • receive a score from our AI that predicts the likelihood the input contains an SQL injection attack
  • receive the items MaxSecure finds that match hate speech, profanity, or sexually explicit language

Use our APIs from your corporate servers to make easy and fast API calls to MaxSecure’s microservices hosted in AWS Cloud.

Outsource the validation of user-supplied input for expected data types, including input fields like drop-down menus or radio buttons.