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There was an issue with the payment. Please try again latter. Once your payment is successful, you will see ETASTIC INC on your credit card statements. MaxSecure ™ is a trademark of etastic Inc.

MaxSecure ™

MaxSecure™ – Use AI to help secure your online resources using our microservices (B2B SaaS)

How it works

You use MaxSecure™ microservices from your servers using API calls.

API to validate your data

Use MaxSecure™ APIs to

  • Validate user-supplied input (integer, float, string)
  • Receive a score from our AI that predicts the likelihood the input contains an injection attack

MaxSecure™ Helps Protect Against SQL Injection Attacks

Outsource the validation of user-supplied input for expected data types, including input fields like drop-down menus or radio buttons. Use our APIs from your corporate servers to make easy and fast API calls to MaxSecure’s microservices hosted in AWS Cloud.